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A worker working on adding shingles to a rooftop

A worker working on adding shingles to a rooftop

We are a roofing company in Pasadena, CA. We are able to finish any job no matter how big for you when it comes to your roof. Call now and be transferred to our current specials line.

Picture this, you wake up after an annoyingly windy overnight sleep and while picking up the newspaper on your front lawn you suddenly discover that some of your shingles have fallen off of your roof and are now resting comfortably on your neighbors back yard? So, the question before the house of common sense is: “is it time for a new roof or, at the very least a repair?” In case you missed the memo, the first key in saving a roof, as well as your sanity, is by having your roof inspected by a professional roofing company in town that repairs and replaces roofs for a living. This is NOT a do-it-yourself project.

However, any homeowner can get a clue about having your roof repaired or better yet if it’s an old, leaky roof, by simply viewing your roof from the outdoor yard on a safe ladder. Also another ploy is if you visit your attic on a sunny day and can see sunshine from missing shingles or warped roofing wood, that’s not a good thing; and it’s a major tip-off you need professional help.

Look, folks, winter is on the way and the time is right for an inspection and new roof. These days, a homeowner has choices other than shingles. One of the new approaches is metal roofing other than asphalt. Metal works great if you live a “fire-prone” area. Insects hate metal and it’s impervious to rot and mildew; plus a life span of 30 years.

In conclusion, if you need a roofing contractor in Pasadena CA, you should get in touch with Rooftop Roofing. We provide quality roof leak repair and roof replacement services to the local area.